SK File Names and Codes

SK - Identifies files of the Singing Keyboard series.
-nn - Two digit suffix used to put the files in the desired order.
RC - Identifies files as "Repertoire Collections."
- Stands for "version."
vPrepFing - Unit includes preparatory pages that show the fingering of every note of the melody.
vPrepIntvNam - Unit includes prep pages that code small intervals and show names and addresses for notes that are at larger intervals.
BW - Stands for black and white. It indicates a fairly even use of black and white keys for playing the music.
CS - Stands for "chord symbols."  The unit includes universally recognized standard chord symbols.
Cds - Stands for "chords." The unit includes special chord symbols that spell out which keys to play and their order from left to right. The symbols show the letter names and addresses of the notes of triad chords intended to be played in the blue octave group. Capital letters or underlined addresses indicate chord roots.