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This page provides help, mainly about navigating this site.

There are several thousand pages of music and instruction on the site right now - and we intend to keep adding to the site on a regular basis. This large quantity of music can make navigating this site a bit complicated when you first arrive -- so we've done a number of things to simplify navigation for you.

Links to Sheet Music and Instructional Materials - The pages of this site are primarily focused on describing and delivering the sheet music and instructional materials that are being presented on this site. Your main link to finding these materials is the Horizontal Navigation Bar described next. In addition, many links have been placed on the pages of this site, linking to pages related to the one that you are on.

Horizontal Navigation Bar - Your main resource for navigating the site is the horizontal navigation bar that you will find extending across the top of each page. This "bar" is actually a row of text boxes that link you to the main contents of the website. Many of these text boxes present drop-down links when you place your cursor on them. You can click on these links to go to the related pages that they identify.

Content of the Horizontal Navigation Bar -  The content of each link on this bar is described in some detail on the Directory page. This is a must read part of this site. You will see links to that page throughout this site.
"Search This Site" Box - There is a site search box at the top of every page. If you know what you're looking for, you will able to find it by typing some key words into the box. This will be useful to you after you become more familiar with what's on the website.

It will be helpful if you keep in mind the two different ways that content is provided on this site. First, are the pages of the site, like this one. Mainly, they tell you about our music and instructional materials. They also provide access to the the music and instruction. But the music and instructional materials are not on these pages. You view them by clicking on links that you find at the bottoms of the pages that contain them.

Where to Find the Information About This Music - Links to the main categories are found in the navigation bar extending across the top of each page of this site. You will also find all of the links that you need on the Directory page. You will be able to move quickly back and forth throughout the pages of this site using these links. You can also use the arrows at the top left corner of each page to move back and forth through pages that you have previously viewed while remaining on the site.

How to View Our Instructional Series and Sheet Music - These materials can be viewed and/or downloaded by clicking on the links to their files. These links are found only at the ends (bottoms) of the pages containing them. (Example: See the link to AKM-16 at the bottom of the present page.) If you click on the text of the link, the selected file will appear in a Google Viewer where you can read or save  the unit that you have selected. If you click on the down arrow at the end of the link, you will view a pdf file of your selection.

Viewing This Site Again After Viewing a Music Document

IMPORTANT! - Avoid accidentally closing this website every time you download to the Google Viewer. After you have viewed the downloaded file and want to return to viewing this site, click on the "back" arrow of the file. This will close the file and return you to this present site. If instead, you click the "x" at the top of your browser to close the file, you will also close this siteIf you want to continue viewing this site, you will then have to find and open the site again. (

John M. Honeycutt,
Nov 22, 2015, 5:18 PM