Colored Piano Keyboard Showing the Seven Identical Octave Groups

This site provides free learning materials and sheet music
for playing the keyboard using a notation system
that is much more user-friendly than our traditional notation.
(The site is optimized for the Google Chrome web browser.)

Although piano students and parents are welcome, the site is intended, primarily, for teachers and publishers who might be interested in creating a simpler and less stressful learning environment for students wanting to play the keyboard. Our instructional materials focus on learning to play pieces of easy to moderate difficulty from simplified (but robust) tablature-type notation BEFORE we introduce our students to traditional notation.

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 This page includes videos by:
 Alina, Ben, Bryanna, Dima, Jason, Julia,
 Karina, Sofiya, Valerie, Vika and Vita

Site Contents

The following list provides links and brief descriptions of the content 
of the navigation tabs located at the top of each page.

HOME - The home page is a good place to learn about the site. It states our mission, gives some background about our site and provides information on what you can expect to find.
Drop down links:
        Brief Intro to This Workshop
        About MIW - More-detailed information about our music.       
        Contact Us - We would like to hear from you.
        Domains - List of the domains that lead to this site.
        CC License - Permission and conditions under our copyright.
        Disclaimer of Liability
        Blog - I occasionally post news relating to this website on this page.

SAMPLER - Provides a sampling of images and videos that you will find on this site. (This is our "landing page.")

DIRECTORYThe present page -- designed to help you navigate this site.

Key Maps DEMO - Provides an in-depth overview of our key maps notation. This is mainly for music professionals who are interested in reviewing the details of key maps and how they work. Drop down links:
  • About Key Maps - 5 Units
  • Basic Keyboard Instruction - 19 Units
  • Keyboard Chord Instruction - 9 Units
  • Individual Pieces - 57 Pieces
  • More Collections - 12 Units

View, Print, Save - Page describes how to view, print, and save the instructional materials offered on this website.

Four LEARNING Series - Page describes and shows links to our four series of learning materials that provide basic and intermediate instruction for playing the piano or other keyboard instruments. Drop down links:
        Focus on Songs
        Basic Keyboard Instruction for Children
        Focus on Chords
        Focus on the Grand Staff

Songs on KEY DIAGRAMS - Singing Keyboard Music (SK Units) -- Provides direct access to the instructional materials and sheet music songs offered in the SK format.
Pieces on KEY MAPS - (RP and RC Units) -- Provides information and direct access links to the sheet music offered in the key map format. Key maps are the main focus of this site with several thousand pages of sheet music available in this format. Drop down links:
        Level A - Beginners
        Level B - Advanced Beginners
        Level C - Player Level
        Level D - Advanced Player
        Level E - The Artist
        About Key Map Levels
        About Key Map Versions

Pieces on the GRAND STAFF - Reader's Version of the Grand Staff on a Timeline (RT Units) -- Provides direct access to the sheet music offered in the RT format.

For STUDENTS - Provides information mainly of interest to keyboard students.
Drop down links:
        Student Videos
        About Learning to Play
        Introductory Lesson
        About Notation Versions - Why we have versions.
        More About Notation - Discussing traditional notes.
Special Collections - Provides links to the several special collections.
Drop down links:
        Colored Rhythm Collection
        Hymnbook Collections
        Merry Christmas!
        Collections from the Learning Series 

LSH-5 p28 - Silent Night--Alina-1311.mp4

RP - Beethoven-Moonlight - Jason 1405.mp4

RPx Unk-The Prayer--Vita-1405.mp4

Double clicking on our student videos will play them in full-screen mode.

Diagram on the Keyboard - Playing with ONE Hand

Playing With TWO Hands

Visualizing the Octave Group Patterns

Some of our students performing at their lessons:

LS - Guaraldi-Linus and Lucy--Valerie-1306.mp4

PC-80 - Silent Night - Ben 1403

RP - Bach, CPE-Solfegietto - Bryanna 1306.mp4

LS We Wish You a Merry Christmas-- Karina's Interpretations 2013.mp4

LSH-3 - The Lily of the Valley - Dima 1412.mp4

LSH-4 - Heavenly Sunshine and Frozen - Vika 1406.mp4

RP - Beethoven-Moonlight - Sofiya 1303 ‎(1)‎.MOV

PK-54 - Mary Had a Little Lamb - Julia 1403.mp4

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