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Welcome to MIW - This page provides an introduction to the website and to our "user friendly" notation. It concludes with a detailed explanation of how key maps work (from our instructional Unit AKM-16).

Home - This page describes our mission and provides some background about our site. There are drop-down links to our copyright license and disclaimer of liability.

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About - Provides links to information about us and the main content of this site.

Instructional Materials - Provides introductions and links to the instructional units included on this site.

Sheet Music - There is a lot of  sheet music on this site.  The links under this tab take you to the several different sections of this sheet music. These sections consist of Individual Pieces, General Collections, Lead Sheets, and the Hymnal.  This is also where you will find the Reader's Versions of the traditional notation.  (A great deal of additional graded sheet music is included in the keyboard instructional units.)

Children's MusicThis page brings together in one place music suitable for children that appears in a variety of other places on the website.

Binder Organizers - Describes and provides covers and pages for organizing binders to contain the materials downloaded from this site.

Merry Christmas! - This page brings together in one place all of our Christmas music that appears in a variety of other places on the website.

FAQsI occasionally post information on this page that is relevant to this website but doesn't seem to fit anywhere else.

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 The following students perform in videos on this site:

 Alex, Alina, Ben, Bryanna, Eric, Jason, Julia, Karina, Linda, Margie, Sofiya, Valerie, Vika and Vita

The sheet music for many of the student performances is found at the bottom of the same page on which the video appears. You can find the sheet music by referring to the caption on the video because it identifies the piece being played.

Many captions begin with a Location Number. Example: PC-80 (Prep for Chords, Unit 80). If the piece is in a collection, the page number will be shown (pg 4). Then sometimes a composer's name. Then the title (Silent Night) and the performer's first name (Ben).  Year and month recorded: 1403. (14 is year 2014; 03 is the 3rd month of the year.) 

 Also, you can find all of an individual student's videos by entering the student's name in the search box at the top of any page.  (Note: We are just getting started entering the videos. There are more to come.)
Column Reserved for Student Videos

PC-80 p4 - Silent Night--Ben-1403.mp4

John Honeycutt,
Jul 21, 2014, 6:51 PM