About the Notation and Learning Series

This page includes an explanation of the relation between the
Notation Series and the Learning Series 

It should be understood at the outset that the Learning Series is designed to be used under the guidance of a teacher or coach. Playing the keyboard beyond playing simple pieces is so very complicated that most people really need a teacher or coach as a guide along the way. Playing the keyboard goes way beyond just learning how to read and play the notes. It is much like a physical sport and requires guidance in the physical aspects of finger and hand movements at the keyboard. This includes the timing of these movements as well as how the body, arms, fingers, and hands move at the keyboard.

The Notation Series:
Series 1 - Key Diagrams --- Keyboard Prep Series (PK)
Series 2 - Key Maps --- also Keyboard Prep Series (PK)

Each of our Instructional Series consists of several core instructional units (like chapters in a book).The core instruction units generally provide sufficient instruction but can be supplemented, as needed, for individual students. The supplemental collections simply provide additional music for the beginners to play, but the supplemental instructions provide additional help where needed.

Each instructional unit has a unit number identifying the series to which it belongs and the SEQUENCE in which the unit is to be studied. The units are listed in this order on the pages linked below. Each unit consists generally of 10 to 20 pages. Each unit is a separate file for viewing or downloading. You can select the series that you want to view from the links below.

In addition to the three core series, there are other units that supplement the core instruction and collections. You will find these units on the page linked below:

Viewing and Obtaining Our Materials: The links to these materials are found only at the end of each page offering them. Click on the name of the file to see it in a Google viewer. Click on the down arrow at the end of the link to get a pdf copy of the file. Clicking a back arrow will return you directly to this site.