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RP - Castlevania-fragment - Bryanna 1306

RP - I Know He's Real - Linda 1309

RP - Unk-Stay Simple - Alex 1405.mp4

RP - Title Unknown - Margie 1405.mp4

RP - Requiem for a Dream - Bryanna 1306.mp4

This page includes performances by:
Alex, Bryanna, Eric, Gigi, Karina, Linda, Margie, Valerie and Vita

Links to the Information

About Key Maps - How They Work
About the Grand Staff Reader's Versions
About the Three Instructional SeriesDescriptions of Each Series

Beginner Can Start With These
You will find links to the above AKM and PK units at the bottom of this present page.

Instructional Series - Instruction - These are links to the instructional materials on How to Play the 
Keyboard - Instructions with Exercises.

Instructional Series - Pieces - These links are to the the Sheet Music collections that go with with each series of lessons.

Navigating This Website

Sheet Music on the Grand Staff -
Pitch is notated on the grand staff with treble and bass clefs, but the rhythm is shown on a timeline, as on the key maps.


RP - Where is My Mind-fragment-Pixies - Gigi 1306

RP - Yiruma-From A River Flows - Eric 1303.MOV

RP - Unk-The Prayer - Vita 1405.mp4

RP -Yiruma-A River Flows - Bryanna 1306.mp4

RP - Sherman-Trust in Me - Valerie 1306

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