This is a list of the Domain Names
 that lead to this site. - Music Innovators Workshop is the name of our LLC and of this site. - The short version of Music Innovators Workshop. - (This is our shortest domain name.) Kmaps (key maps) are the main notation featured on this site. - GUI stands for graphical user interface. This represents the main feature of our notation, that is, the notations of the key diagrams and maps show graphically which keys to play to make music with the keyboard. - This is just a joke (but it works). "Gooey" is how you pronounce "GUI."

These domain names represent our various attempts to create a domain name that connects to our content yet is easy to remember - and is as brief as we can make it. While you're here, please pick one to remember.

PS - We also have a domain name that points to our Singing Keyboard site. That site contains the same information on our SK series that is included on the present site. You get to that site with:
That site is much smaller than this one, and therefore is somewhat easier to navigate for those concentrating on our SK key diagrams.