Viewing the Videos

 The following students perform in videos on this site:

 Alex, Alina, Ben, Bryanna, Eric, Jason, Julia,
 Karina, Linda, Margie, Sofiya, Valerie, Vika and Vita

 You can find all of an individual student's videos by entering the student's name in the search box at the top of any page.  (Note: We are just getting started entering the videos. There are more to come.)

Video Issues
We have tested this site with the four most-used browsers:
Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari.
Our comments apply to the four browsers that we have looked at. These browsers seem to work properly except for the display of videos.

Video Issue With All of These Browsers - viewing the video posters. (A video poster is the picture that appears in the location of a video before you click to start the video. The videos themselves, play normally when you click on them.)  To make the video posters appear on the site, being logged into a (any) Google account while on this site fixes this problem. (If you don't have a Google account you may obtain one free at