Brief Intro to This Workshop

The Music Innovators Workshop is an ongoing research and development project. Its objective is to provide innovative keyboard instructional materials and repertoire for students and teachers. We have been conducting research and development efforts over the past several decades to find better - easier and less stressful - ways of learning to play and read keyboard music.

Much of this effort has gone into the development of keyboard notations that are easier to learn and/or read than the present traditional notation. In addition to the successful development of these notations, we have developed preparatory keyboard instructional materials based on them - and also several libraries of keyboard music based on them.

Over the years, these materials have been used by our students and have gone through major revisions resulting from feedback based on the results with these students. All of these efforts continue on an ongoing basis.

Students are introduced to the keyboard with the notations (tablatures) that are not based on the grand staff because these notations are so very much easier to read and learn than is the grand staff notation. The primary focus for new students is on PLAYING the keyboard (not on the notation).

After students have learned to play the keyboard with a moderate degree of skill, they are introduced to traditional notation with our Grand Staff Prep Series of learning materials. Students normally choose to continue learning and playing repertoire from our innovative notations while they study and learn to play from traditional notation. Part of this study includes learning and playing from our Reader's Version of the grand staff, which is notated on a timeline instead of with traditional rhythm. This Reader's Version of the grand staff (standard bass and treble clefs) is a good bit easier to read than traditional notation.

The final result of studying with the above materials is that students learn to play the keyboard sooner and with significantly less stress than learning to play using traditional notation at the beginning of study. Students that continue studying for several years will be able to play from traditional notation as well as with our innovative notations.